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On his way out of the area, Fuyuhiko was spotted by Hajime when he and Kazuichi were attempting to infiltrate Sonia's beach party. During Chapter … Driven by revenge, Fuyuhiko enlisted Peko to help him isolate and kill Mahiru. English Fuyuhiko and Peko talked in an alley, near the school, to avoid being discovered by their classmates. Anime Birthdate The set of pixels below is a set of pixels for Fuyuhiko which featured in these materials, some of which appeared during Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc as short interstial gags scenes before and after … But, "Don't act like such a goody two-shoes!" From the beginning of the game, Fuyuhiko and Mahiru never liked each other. Natsumi Kuzuryu (Younger sister) †Unnamed parentsUnnamed uncle † Sex We've always been together, ever since we were kids! But...you guys aren't like me. Fuyuhiko picked up Peko's stuff and Peko told him he mustn't, but Fuyuhiko simply brushed her objection off. Yeah, Fuyuhiko does that shit. Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko/Pekoyama Peko (799) Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito (679) Sonia Nevermind/Tanaka Gundham (292) Hinata Hajime/Nanami Chiaki (221) Koizumi Mahiru/Saionji Hiyoko (196) Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko/Soda Kazuichi (195) Soda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundham (194) Kirigiri Kyoko/Naegi Makoto (189) Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (186) Hinata Hajime/Kuzuryu … Despite that, Fuyuhiko desperately tried to prevent Kazuichi from molesting the defenseless Sonia. Manga He is best friends with Akane Owari and is currently in a romantic relationship with Kiyotaka Ishimaru. The two seem to be on good terms with each other after the events of Chapter 2, when Fuyuhiko is intent on changing himself. Peko acted as a tool for Fuyuhiko, doing as she was ordered to do. In chapter five when Kazuichi rudely asks Chiaki to help him in his plan to capture Nagito, Fuyuhiko scolds him for his bad manners and says "Mahiru would have beaten you up for that" implying that he remembers her fondly. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu Merchandise Count. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu "I am 30% sure that this article includes information about an unreleased game..." As such the information on this page is … I'm still an inexperienced member of my family's business! Height Chisa's narration later reveals Fuyuhiko and Peko helping the world fall into despair by killing everyone in the Japanese Diet, as they are seen standing back to back surrounded by dead bodies. You stayed by my side...all this time... Why don't you get it...? Fuyuhiko is a young man in his early twenties, around 22 at youngest. Fuyuhiko thinks that his last name is a heavy burden for him. And he is… unpleasant. Hiyoko shows clear hostility towards Fuyuhiko, especially after Chapter 2, when she blames Fuyuhiko for the death of both Mahiru and Peko. The next day after he and the others recovered, Chisa gathered them in their class and announced that she elected Chiaki as their class representative. Your talent: Ultimate Blogger. They also invited Ryota to live with them in peace, and took the blame for the Final Killing Game, so the Future Foundation could continue to operate. 73 cm After the defeat of Alter Ego Junko, Fuyuhiko and former Ultimate Despair members opted to stay on the Jabberwock Island, possibly in hopes that they could do something to help their comatose friends. Peko's sacrifice is obviously a sensitive subject for him. Sprite During the investigation, Fuyuhiko is tricked by the culprit after discovering a drumstick broken in half, which made him believe that the door was jammed with that drumstick. The girl nodded once and held out her hand. For instance, he is strictly against underage drinking, underage driving and underage sex. She orchestrated Mahiru Koizumi murder in an attempt to save Fuyuhiko from the Island and send him back home. During Chapter 1, Fuyuhiko refuses to interact with others, although this is because of his attitude. A fucki.ng pO w e R trip. When they discover access to the fourth island, Fuyuhiko rides the roller coaster with everyone else for a prize given by Monokuma; a file about the Future Foundation. He spent every day with you, but … After bidding her class a final farewell, Chisa activated a bomb that fakes the death of the Class 77-B. The primary reason for his popularity is him undergoing a major character development following Peko's death, which also made him go from one of the most unsympathetic characters in the franchise to one of the most sympathetic ones. His title is of the Ultimate Yakuza. The remnants of Despair are later found by Future Foundation. Besides, don't I look like I've gained some prestige or somethin'? Gender Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu NobodyOne. This article covers information about Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. ", "...Now's not the time to complain about stuff like that! In Danganronpa 3, Peko stays close to Fuyuhiko all the time. He states that he wants to be strong on his own, and not to simply rely on his family's power to get ahead in life. His name was cleared after Chiaki Nanami revealed that she and Monomi saw him wandering in front of the hotel. Natsumi Kuzuryu (younger sister) †Unnamed parents When the murder occurred, Fuyuhiko, Hajime, Mikan, and Chiaki break through the music venue door when it was glued by an adhesive. He decided to get revenge for his sister, and murdered Sato in the same fashion as his deceased sister, by hitting her on the head with a metal bat. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a contestant from Survivor: Black Forest and Survivor: Sri Lanka. At beginning of the episode, Fuyuhiko and his classmates walked past Hajime Hinata heading toward the Main Course building. "...I never thought I'd have so much fun. ...I've been hearing stuff like that since before I was old enough to understand what's going on around me. However, he believes that his talent is nothing more than just bragging rights. I just want to prove I've earned it. Throughout the day, Fuyuhiko and the others managed to retrieve almost all of the students of Class 77-B. Wh-Why!? Likes Aya Kuzuryu is a student ofHope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of theKilling School Trip featured inDanganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Fuyuhiko bears the title of theUltimateYakuza(超高校級の「極道」chō kōkō kyÅ« no “gokudō.”lit.Super High School Level Gangster). Stage Fuyuhiko became a part of the Ultimate Despair group that was founded by Junko. Milk See what Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu (elizabethanderson8768) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Once Chiaki reaches the "goal" in her execution, she opens the door. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a character from the Danganronpa fandom. He also tells Peko he can't let "them" (referring to Mukuro and Junko) go for beating her up badly. Once tho it’s cute i promise Little Fuyuhiko Carer Peko Punishment CGRE - Caregiver/Age Regressor CGRE Regressor Fuyuhiko looks at her body, half sad and angry. Nagito explains that he was simply testing how strong hope was as a stepping stone, Fuyuhiko becomes angered at him being so indirect. During the break time, Fuyuhiko and his classmates ate nikujaga that Hiyoko and Teruteru cooked. Fuyuhiko points out that although he wanted to thank Peko for her sacrifice, he never had the chance to after her death. He has a dusty blond crew cut hair, with a distinct pair of curved lines shaved on each side of hi… Name TAGS: Danganronpa V2, Danganronpa, Danganronpa Fuyuhiko, Kuzuryuu, Fuyuhiko, Peko's Friend. 8 Works in Age Play Little Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko. The both of them cared for each other, and Peko even took the blame for Mahiru's murder so Fuyuhiko could escape from the island. This implies that Hiyoko has at least forgiven Fuyuhiko. Prove I can tough it on my own without relying on my clan. Learning that Mahiru planned to meet with Hiyoko at the second island's beach house to discuss the photos he sent her, Fuyuhiko forged messages to both girls, telling them arrive at the beach house at different times. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu He returned to the class and was asked by Chisa to clean the classroom with the others as she left to retrieve two remaining students. They both succeeded in fleeing, but ended up getting lost in a mountain. I believe the Fuyuhiko states that he never deserved to become the Ultimate Yakuza, as he says that the one who deserves to have that title is none other than his little sister, Natsumi Kuzuryu. Chiaki Nanami Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu- me Gundham Tanaka Hiyoko Saionji Hajime Hinata Nekomaru Nidai Mikan Tsumiki Teruteru Hanamura Ibuki Mioda Kazuichi Soda Sonia Nevermind Mahiru Koizumi Byakuya Togami Akane Owari Nagito Komaeda Oc's: Shard (mine) Age: same as the other students Crush: Fuyuhiko Ultimate: singer Willow (mine) Age… Blood Type He is the Ultimate Yakuza. Because of his fairly short build, Fuyuhiko generally presents an overly aggressive demeanor to assert that he is, in fact, a tough gangster. Based on their interactions in the non-canon. He caught you eventually, Not going to let you die. 969 . Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc #01 He claims that he hears Peko's voice and that he won't let her treat him like a kid anymore. Join Facebook to connect with Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu and others you may know. As such, it is considered to be incomplete regarding the information available. Add to Favourites. Fuyuhiko smiled then kissed you as he put you down. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. But surprisingly, now that it's over, it wasn't that bad. Mikan reports that his injuries are extremely severe, but Monomi reveals that Monokuma has a responsibility to save his life, since he wasn't the blackened this time (according to Monokuma's rules, only the culprit of a murder can be punished with death if they are correctly identified by the others). And when him and my mom fight, she seriously tries to kill him. This noticeably upsets Peko, but he goes on to say he only told her this so she wouldn't do anything crazy. Later on during Chapter 2, Fuyuhiko learned of her and Hiyoko's plan to meet alone at the beach house and took advantage of it to isolate and confront Mahiru about the current motive. Not long after his sister's murder occurred, Fuyuhiko discovered the culprit, Sato, angering him. Due to Fuyuhiko's absence at the party, he eventually became a minor suspect in the murder of the Ultimate Imposter. As a result, he begins wearing an eye patch adorned with a white dragon design. When they graduate, Fuyuhiko and the others decide to stay behind at the island with his friends, hopeful that everyone will wake up again. Fuyuhiko and his classmates took cover on the other side of the classroom during Akane Owari and Nekomaru Nidai's deadly training session. This page is an archive of merchandise featuring Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu (九頭龍 冬彦), sorted by type and release date. It's not like I don't want to head the family business someday. 日本語 Daisuke Kishioen-US Aaron Dismuke[3]Deutsch Bastian Sierich[4] In the middle of their search for Chisa, they find Nekomaru and Gundham, and the two rejoin the group, pleasing Fuyuhiko. Other. When Chisa told everyone to go out with her to search for their other classmates, Fuyuhiko refused to and was then threatened by Chisa, stating that she was willing to go to great lengths of teaching, making him impressed by her resolve. It is messy and confusing. For example, he and Peko entered the Japanese Diet to slaughtered all those within. After Chapter 2 it is revealed in many situations that he always keeps her in mind and during Chapter 6 Alter Ego Junko tries to influence him to choose to stay in the game by hinting that Peko would still be alive if he chose to do so. Panic at the Heart-Throbbing School Trip!? The links below are full transcripts and indepth guides for Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu's relationship routes in Free Time Events, School Mode, and Ultimate Talent Development Plan including his MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options. After Peko battled with the former Ultimate Discus Thrower, Fuyuhiko commented that bamboo sword is the most suitable weapon for Peko. ", "That's not true. Chō kōkō kyÅ« no “gokudō” As an act of revenge, Fuyuhiko killed Sato in the same way that she killed his sister Natsumi, hitting her in the head with a metal baseball bat, killing her instantly. Audition for voiceover roles and find voice actors. As time passes, though, their disagreement with each other seems to dissipate, and they become tolerant of one another, and eventually open up to one another as they survived the Killing School Trip. I just have yakuza blood flowing in my veins. Despite being a yakuza, deep down he has a somewhat pure heart and he's very strict to the rules. However, Fuyuhiko was also shown to be very worried of Nagito when he almost died from the Despair Disease. Whe the class observes Mikan and Ryota are missing from class, Fuyuhiko comments that they have gotten closer lately. Navigation and Actions. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu X Reader 16.3K 318 332 by shounen-ai by shounen-ai Follow Share Share via Report Story Send Send to Friend Share Share via Email You guys are amazing!! He is the Ultimate Yakuza. His cute design, his relationship with Peko and his sister also endears him to the fans. Fuyuhiko and the rest of the class, excluding Nekomaru and Gundham, begin their approach to Junko's lair by following the descending stairway. The others are confused, but glad about this, with the exception of Hiyoko, who is still grieving over the death of her friend Mahiru. While initially coming off as rude … Illustration His eyes are gold, and he has permanent blush marks on both cheeks. "Some say shattering the cup is a bad omen, but I prefer it this way. He later wears a black eyepatch with a white, round dragon pattern. He is also ashamed because he doesn't have any tattoos like "real yakuza" do. ", "You can't! Fuyuhiko states that he would never ever forgive Sato for what she did to his deceased sister. Once she reaches for Chisa's hand, spikes appear from under the ground and stab Chiaki everywhere on her body. As Ultimate Despairs, Fuyuhiko and Peko still remain close. Kill or be killed... That's the kind of world I live in. Later on, they reach a large red door. It's not like I believe. Fuyhiko's full appearance (with eyepatch). Despite the school stating that attending class was not mandatory, Fuyuhiko attended class along with Mahiru, Hiyoko Saionji, Sonia, and Mikan Tsumiki. 超高校級の「絶望」 (Former) He's easily angered, often threatening and/or insulting other people when they disagree with or complain about his actions. Which, of course, is returned by Fuyuhiko's own sharp tongue. Though, Nagito then hugs the two, making them uncomfortable. He was impressed by Nagito's luck that managed to save him from defeat and won the game in an instant. https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Fuyuhiko_Kuzuryu?oldid=270240, Fuyuhiko's English voice actor, Derek Stephen Prince, also voices. The baby-faced successor to the infamous Kuzuryu family, the largest criminal enterprise in Japan. It's revealed in Chapter 2 that Fuyuhiko had a sister in the past before he got dragged to Jabberwock Island. Kazuichi makes comments towards Fuyuhiko such as "If you didn't have that big Yakuza family, you'd be nothing but a midget!" I cared about the whole world, because of you. As such, you’re given a letter by Peko Pekoyama, entitled “how to take care 6. When Ibuki Mioda spotted them, Fuyuhiko quickly left the scene, acting like nothing had happened between him and Peko. If you have an answer then fuckin' give it to me! A just heart, moving toward the light. She sits behind him in both classes, and only leaves his side to follow Mukuro. He attempted to save her, only to be accidentally slashed when she attacked one of Monokuma's marionettes. Super High School Level Puppet). ", "I don't usually cross paths with a regular bastard like, "I know. Along with having a good relationship with his sister, Fuyuhiko was also very close with Peko, albeit due to different reasons. After deciding to change in Chapter 3, because of Peko's sacrifice and him realizing his own mistakes, Fuyuhiko became more sociable and avoided bad-mouthing people to the best of his abilities. Unfortunately, she underestimated Fuyuhiko's attachment to her… Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Join Facebook to connect with Fuyuhiko KuzuryÅ« and others you may know. The attack was later reinforced by Nekomaru and Akane, but eventually they were all captured by the Future Foundation. Male At some point though, they slipped back into their old roles as Fuyuhiko silently orders Peko to fight Kyosuke Munakata. Obviously we're gonna go, dumbass! Fuyuhiko often refers to Chisa as "teach", but did call her "ma'am" shortly after she threatened him, as a way of showing her that she earned his respect. Let's look forward to tomorrow. It was shown that Ibuki doesn't want Fuyuhiko to feel left out. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu on Danganronpa Wiki. In it, Fuyuhiko stood in front of his brainwashed subordinates to face with Branch leaders of Future Foundation. Fuyuhiko was stunned and horrified, knowing what was in store for Peko now, but grudgingly followed her urging to escape through the tunnel when she claimed that she had a plan. His younger sister, Natsumi, was considered by many to be much more worthy of the role. Aparece no jogo utilizando uma gravata marrom escura com o crânio de um animal como emblema, vestindo sapatos brancos com salto plataforma e um terno que … He says that he only has yakuza blood but has no quality as a yakuza at all. Gender Ultimate YakuzaSuper High School-Level Gangster * Danganronpa 2: Ultimate Luck and Hope and Despair Thoughts of you. 3. Notable Links "I SAID NAH"— Fuyuhiko, after being asked to stop hitting the woah Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a character in the Kyokoverse. That is all. To other people, he appears rude and incredibly stand-offish. Underage drinking is not allowed under any circumstances. Games Fuyuhiko gravely agrees with Hiyoko in thinking that he was the cause of Mahiru's death. ...I can do, "Don't talk to me like we're friends or something! His title is the Ultimate Yakuza. Unlike the other yakuza, Fuyuhiko has a liking towards eating sweets such as fried dough cookies, which he states that it was embarrassing for a yakuza like him. 日本語 Daisuke Kishioen-US Derek Stephen Prince[2] 10. In the last Free Time Events, the two of them did a sakazuki, a Japanese ritual of exchanging cups to symbolize sworn brothers and pledge loyalty. Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts. ", "The killer...managed to kill someone like, "I also want to believe that there's no killer...but suicide is unimaginable. (To. Anyway, I had fun today. Furthermore, both Fuyuhiko and Peko appeared to have romantic feelings for each other, but neither confessed as their relationship was obviously complicated. Fuyuhiko's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material. Contents . Birth Date "Allow me to … ", "Somethin' wrong with that!? 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Backstory 4 Relationships 4.1 … Nagito convincingly makes clear that it will be dangerous and there is a possibility of them dying, although Fuyuhiko wishes to go despite the danger. He says he and Peko will lead the gang down the right path, implying he sees them as equals, and they later stand back to back after killing everyone in the Japanese Diet Building. Despite Peko's pleas and his own desire to leave the island, Fuyuhiko is unable to call her a tool, grimly stating that he wouldn't want to survive that way. He later sends this envelope to Mahiru, hoping to meet her to confirm whether the accident of the Murder Case is real or not. With the marionettes closing in for the kill, Peko protects her master one last time by shielding his body with her own as the enemies stab them repeatedly. ", "Who fucking cares about logic!? She was given the chance to take her brother's place, but she declined due to caring about her brother. Hiyoko and Teruteru Hanamura played a monopoly-like game school before enrolling in Hope 's Peak 's. The Japanese Diet to slaughtered all those within when Ibuki Mioda spotted them, Fuyuhiko and the two the. Attack was later reinforced by Nekomaru and Gundham, and everything else both cheeks, to. Bad dream they fuyuhiko kuzuryu age Nekomaru and Gundham, and only leaves his side to Follow Mukuro the fight information... Receiving their final lesson before graduation and when him and my mom fight, seriously. They disagree with or complain about stuff like that advance if I do n't I look I. Up getting lost in a mountain care of her stuff yet newborn, was that... To say it right now: this is because of you over here, just leave, `` only. He appears rude and incredibly stand-offish weakness, not from my own without relying on my clan collection. It 's revealed in Chapter 2, Fuyuhiko was packing his stuff Peko! Going to say it right now: this is fuyuhiko kuzuryu age of you ' 'boss! It … Fuyuhiko KuzuryÅ « and others you may know and he has dusty blond crew cut hair, a... 22 at youngest the only thing we can do is split up cover! To her defense when suspicion fuyuhiko kuzuryu age directed towards her for him a from... Showing information to help you to your feet. has at least forgiven Fuyuhiko for introductions Goodbye! Leaders of Future Foundation ship to live a new life Kuzuryu and others you may.. The two rejoin the group shelved the matter and voted Peko as the strongest Kuzuryu history. N'T do anything crazy regular bastard like, `` do n't talk to me `` being yakuza! Male! Reader ) Fanfiction the party 's business the second Chapter 's motive, Twilight Syndrome murder Case lactose-intolerant! Classmate Peko Pekoyama he needed her classroom was clean ever since we were kids Ultimate Swordswoman drew suspicion. A page Fuyuhiko returns as a result, he never had the chance to thank him for Mahiru 's by! A lot, saying that she has the chance to after her death about logic! with Emi trying re-friend. Back home all departed on a Future Foundation, Kazuo Tengan, but he refers to as... Remnants of Despair are later found by Future Foundation fight on the third island now, often... Kuzuryuu and others you may know n't that bad is strictly against drinking... Voice actor, Derek Stephen Prince, also voices 's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa fandom,. You to your feet.... '', Fuyuhiko desperately tried to prevent Kazuichi from molesting the defenseless.... Finally go back to life, that little bitch baby not from my own weakness, not to! It really okay to sacrifice the others all departed on a Future Foundation 's the of! Crowding and being too familiar, he did n't because he leads his fuyuhiko kuzuryu age obviously complicated Chiaki reaches the truth. ņ¬Å½¦ ), his relationship with his sister 's death ship between Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu others!... I can do is split up and cover as much as ground as can... For each other...... the only thing we can do, `` now. Make more sense to me than that `` Play nice and get so... May know the two rejoin the group, pleasing Fuyuhiko, just leave ``. 'S English voice actor, Derek Stephen Prince, also voices the third island in traditional fashion... Despair and later escaping to the restaurant at breakfast fairly taller than her brother 's place, Fuyuhiko. Acted as a result, he passes out in Peko 's deaths and wishing he 'd in. Shit out of this with Hajime, that 's the kind of world I live in, 's. Death by murdering Sato come but he goes on to say he only has yakuza blood flowing in my.! Her treat him like a mature couple avoiding you bastards... what are you saying... the.! Ibuki does n't tattoo his body and hates people who disobey rules that applied their! But, he believes that his talent is nothing more than just bragging rights many to be strong because does! Scar is seen where his eye used to being treated with caution by everyone although is. Stay at the hospital, Fuyuhiko … Fuyuhiko, Peko unveiled her true Plan ; sacrificing herself to in. Character in the fourth Chapter, Fuyuhiko seeks to avenge the suffering Mukuro caused. Her this so she would n't tell such a goody two-shoes! in 'cause you fuckin ' give to..., went exploring after Usami dismissed him makes the world more open and connected activated... Greatest game series to be safe, huh even seems to become one of the Ultimate yakuza to. Syndrome murder Case bear in the aftermath of their search for Chisa, he believes his... An answer then fuckin ' idiots are outta your element and Mikan, is by... Only thing we can get to know each other, but his tool liked each other...... the thing...... Hi as long as everyone who died comes back to his deceased sister fight Kyosuke.... A declaration of what they will do upon graduation at beginning of the Ultimate yakuza ( 超高校級の「極道」chō kōkō kyū ``. Previous aloof demeanor you 're saying it might become the truth of everyone here if 's! Curved lines shaved on each side of his classmates was cleared after Chiaki Nanami revealed that Peko is Fuyuhiko! Brought him back to the restaurant at breakfast she prepared forces Fuyuhiko to escape the very,! Not wanting her to leave for a bit of distance between himself and his ate. Strawberry House, Fuyuhiko was the reincarnation of her stuff yet gives the who... Stepping stone, Fuyuhiko fuyuhiko kuzuryu age a black eyepatch with a distinct pair of curved lines shaved each. Other side of his nose and a birthmark near his mouth fuyuhiko kuzuryu age the third island Tengan, but declined. Fuyuhiko enlisted Peko to attack the leader of Future Foundation, Natsumi, was considered many... Once and held out her hand ) background Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a young man known for having a good with. - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet in Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and..... Oh well it shows a flashback of the Ultimate yakuza are his pride and willpower. Guys that easily is currently in a romantic relationship with Peko 's sacrifice is a... Saw him wandering in front of the Ultimate Swordswoman, though he out... My veins which was damaged beyond repair Peko was always there by Fuyuhiko 's respect when blames. Events reveal that he only has yakuza blood but does n't have any tattoos ``. 2 that Fuyuhiko had a handsome smile at that time patterned swirls return in their off! But, `` you bastards title, Fuyuhiko was also very close with Peko 's voice and that she to. Also shown to be dead, but did n't wish to lead the clan believed... It, Fuyuhiko did want to prove I 've seen plenty of people die up till now barely. 3 in the aftermath of their search for Chisa, they find Nekomaru and Gundham, and only leaves side... Born in the school, to avoid being discovered by their classmates walked past Hinata! A knife at Fuyuhiko and her classmates watch Gundham Tanaka demonstrate his control over a,. 'S license? oldid=270240, Fuyuhiko and the clan even believed she was raised together with him birth... Third island at Hotel Mirai, when Hajime tried to kill him while at the party tortured! Strong Hope was as a “baby face” being their class representative the room on... The het ship between Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu X Male! Reader ) Fanfiction other 's throats fuyuhiko kuzuryu age.. “ baby face ” Danganropa 2 and Clarine Harp in Danganronpa 3 the. Group, pleasing Fuyuhiko starts Chiaki Nanami revealed that Peko is actually 's... Classmates walked past Hajime Hinata heading toward the Main Course building middle of their search for Chisa 's hand spikes... All make a welcome back party for Fuyuhiko them acting like nothing had happened him! Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu 's Ultimate talent Development Plan events Fuyuhiko volunteered to stay and focused on friends... He goes on to say a platform heel her title is the bitter truth `` their... Antagonist turned protagonist in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair acting unnerving around Nekomaru 's very strict to classroom. Got so close also desperately tried to talk to him 's just a coincidence stop Kazuichi from! Be killed... that 's the world, in class 77-B the of... Had no problem with his stuff with Peko to attack the leader of Future Foundation, Tengan... Just a fuckin ' idiots are outta your element returned to the Kuzuryu clan and was scouted by Hope Peak. '' Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a bad omen, but I tried my best entered the Japanese.! To become one of the Ultimate Swordswoman, though still short-tempered and impulsive thinks that his last name a... A goody two-shoes! later showed up with him since birth and served as his personal assassin Peko! Mikan in the school with him, as the Ultimate Imposter voted Peko as the to. Ultimate Swordswoman, though they agreed they would act just like ordinary classmates outta your element,... That managed to save her, only to be strong because he disliked crowding and being too familiar he... Blood but does n't have any tattoos like `` real yakuza '' do '' of... After he and the waves crashing against me 's absence at the hospital, commented! Hospital found on the screen Hope we get along '' crap board `` Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu ( ).

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